Free to PPS Members! In this 5-part module, learn how to define your target audience and develop a brand promise that engages customers. Discover marketing best practices, and tools to develop your marketing plan and accompanying budget.

Module 1: Marketing, Planning & Budgeting - This module will showcase some simple exercises that should be done by all PPS members with their clinical teams to help identify and define target audiences and develop a brand promise that engages potential and existing customers.

Module 2: Marketing, Planning, & Budgeting Process - This module will walk you through the marketing planning and budgeting process. It includes downloadable tools for your use in developing a marketing plan that supports your business goals. All practices will benefit from a business plan that is supported by a detailed marketing plan. This video and associated tools will walk you through: environmental scanning; marketing planning; accompanying budgets; and introduces marketing best practices.

Module 3: Referral Source Marketing - External marketing is a strategic initiative designed to grow your practice! It requires a team approach, a message and a plan! A common strategy includes marketing to referral sources with strategic communication approaches designed to build trust and collegial communication. Explore specific strategies designed to initiate referral relationships or grow them beyond their current level. Understand the importance of creating long term collegial relationships versus short term sales!

Module 4: Internal Marketing to Grow Your Private Practice - Learn how to use internal marketing efforts to grow your business. The essence of any marketing plan must begin within the walls of your practice. How will you brand and build your practice so that your customer has a unique and positive experience? Certainly it begins with your team but essential processes must be in place to insure that you are creating a raving fan that not only is loyal to your practice but willing to be a word-of-mouth marketer to their family, friends, co-workers & doctors. Growing your practice from the inside out is a key to practice success!

Module 5: Consumer/Community Outreach & Marketing - Building consumer & community awareness for physical therapy and your practice requires a strategic approach. You must identify who your marketing targets will be and look for opportunities to educate and promote your services. Creating a well thought out plan involves connecting with consumers in the community with both information and personal interest. Explore in-person & social media promotional ideas and how they integrate to create the best results. Join us in identifying great opportunities in your own community & leveraging your knowledge and personal skills to bring new customers to your practice with or without referrals!


Lynn Steffes, PT, DPT
Steffes and Associates Consulting Group

Scott Wick
Director of Marketing
Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy

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