Complete this 5-part video series and learn how to properly handle common Human Resources issues, avoid common employment law mistakes (which reduces the risk of legal claims), and create a better workplace.

Presenters: Albert Lee & Paul Welk, PT, JD, Tucker Arensberg Attorneys at Law

Module 1: Hiring Right - This module will address all of the common components of the hiring process: job postings, interviews, offer letters, reference/background checks, drug tests, pre-employment physicals, employment agreements, non-competition agreements, etc., to make sure that your practice can gather the information it needs to evaluate candidates, hire the right people without violating often confusing laws, and properly bring them on board.

Module 2: Paying employees correctly - This module will bring clarity to the wage-and-hour laws that often confound practices, walk you through the process of determining whether employees are “exempt” or “non-exempt” (debunking the common myths that all managers or all salaried employees are exempt), and make sure you know the obligations you owe to each group.

Module 3: Investigating and handling employee complaints by the book - This module will teach practices how to evaluate and address complaints raised by employees (including claims of harassment, bullying, discrimination, unethical or unlawful behavior, etc.) in a way that is fair to all parties and best positions the practice to defend its findings and response.

Module 4: Administering leaves and accommodating disabled employees appropriately - This module will teach practices how to handle the wide range of situations that arise when employees either become unable to perform their jobs or request modifications to their duties, schedules or other aspects of their jobs.

Module 5: Ending employment relationships properly - This module will dispense with common myths (such as the often misunderstood concept of “at-will employment”) and provide a structured way of approaching separations that significantly reduces the risk of lawsuits.

Recorded September 12, 2019

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